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Our Story


Our very first product was produced for a very special client, Liam. 

With the imminent arrival of their first child our founder Paradis and her husband set out to find the crib of their baby’s sweet dreams. Unhappy with the quality of the crib they had commissioned a local carpenter to produce, this determined mother spent 3 months working closely with the carpenter perfecting the crib. Paradis began to educate her self in carpentry and even enrolled in an online course administered by MIT. 

Armed with new expertise and knowledge, they tested different techniques using the local materials and tools they had access too. Overcoming the challenges found in achieving the perfect finish became gratifying. The project quickly grew from Liam`s nursery to her husband’s office.

Before long they were producing for friends and family. Their focus on creative design, quality detailing coupled with a willingness to work closely with clients meant that . demand quickly grew for beautifully made local products. 

Since 2015, we have adapted our model to focus on building a workshop and creating custom made furniture designs, we are now developing our own range including doors, furniture and home furnishing essential accessories. We have grown in machinery, Human Resources and product range. With the continued support of our ever growing family of clients, we are pleased to now be expanding into a show-H O M E  (because a room really isn’t enough.

Built on a passion for quality and maintained by ever striving towards reaching higher standards, WOOD HABITAT now lives within our neighbours homes, colleagues offices spaces, friends gardens, Villa doors and on an Akagera National Park safari deck. We appreciate being welcomed into your homes and welcome you into ours.

We are proud to create as a family for family.


Paradis Imfura, Creative Director & CEO.


Welcome to our (Show)Home

16 KG 674 St, Kimihurura 

Kigali, Rwanda 

Sunday - 11am - 2pm, 5-8pm

Monday - Closed

Tuesday through Friday - 11am - 7pm

Saturday - 11am - 9pm


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